Create a life of being and not doing, as humans are human beings and not human doings.

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We live in a world that constantly offers more opportunities, which leads to more choices and more wealth. The paradox is however that we end up in a spiral where we get overwhelmed, overworked and totally off balance in this world of change and opportunity.

Through integral coaching I will be your guide in this maze, so you could build the competencies to deal with the issues of life, to:

  • Live a balanced life. (Have work life balance…)
  • Have a perfect career
  • Success in your business
  • Build and nature mutual satisfying relationships
  • To execute your plans without procrastination
  • Create financial independence
  • To be aware to nourish yourself physically, mentally and spiritually….
    or what your need for development may be.

To create a life of being and not doing, as humans are human beings and not human doings.

We work with high achieving; Professionals, Individuals, Business Owners, Team leaders and Managing executives.

The main things you have to do on this website:

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  • Read our articles and explore some handy tools to make life easier.
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Our contribution to you:

The website was created to be a resource for the visitor to create awareness around the art of being. As we are human being and not human doings how do we create the competency to be able to live a integrated life, as we are one with universe we need to life as a integrated community.

We will source resources from other people who are like minded and share it with you on this platform.

As we get to know each other friendships and business engagements will evolve over time.

We also offer our one of one coaching services to enhance your development as well as our e-services as available on the site.

The e-services will continually be expanded and updated, so pop in regularly for cup of inspiration.



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